Coos Curry Small Woodlands Association

Coos Curry Small Woodlands

Providing Resources and Information for Coos and Curry Country Small Woodland Owners

Coos Curry Small Woodlands Association

The Coos Curry Small Woodlands Association is an independent local chapter of the Oregon Small Woodlands Association, serving the local membership with activities, events, resources and education.

Membership in the local chapter comes with membership in the state organization.

The objectives of the Coos Curry Small Woodlands Association, according to our bylaws, are:

  • To provide a medium for the exchange of ideas about family forestland by landowners, public agencies, consultants and timber industry personnel within Coos and Curry Counties.
  • To serve as a forum to make recommendations for investigating and solving problems, and for improving forest management, harvesting, and marketing within Coos and Curry Counties.
  • To dissemination information on the establishment, growth, harvesting and marketing of forest crops produced on family forestlands, and to foster the wise use and protection of forests and encourage better forestry practices in Coos and Curry Counties,
  • To educate and inform the owners of forested tracts and the public within Coos and Curry Counties regarding forestry and family forestland management issues
  • To represent the owners of family forestlands in Coos and Curry Counties to the general public and before legislative bodies and regulatory agencies.

"Small Woodlands" means not only large forests, but also small parcels over 10 acres that have trees on them. There are many resources for small woodland owners to help them with the care and management of their trees, whether for personal, recreational, wildlife or harvest.

The Coos Curry Small Woodlands Association is here to represent and assist small woodland owners in achieving their goals for the managment of their trees and forests.